Tumbledown Dick

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 Liz - Our Caller

Liz teaches the dances and calls the moves during the dance. She also plays the bones and bodhran. Using a radio microphone, Liz is able to move around the dancers. Don't worry about getting the dance wrong - it's all part of the fun!

Ex 70's harmony group 'Piggleswick Folk'.


Merryn - Piano Accordion, Flute

Merryn's fantastic accordion playing is at the heart of the band's music. A multi-talented musician, she can play in a range of styles and has a huge repertoire of tunes.

Ex Whiteknights & Charlbury Morris, Hart & Sole and Tanglefoot Clog.

Nick - Fiddle, Recorder & Saxophone

Nick is an extraordinary talent. His fiddle playing is wonderfully creative and colourful. If you don't feel like dancing, sit back and listen to the musical interplay between Nick and Merryn. Oh, and there isn't much Nick doesn't know about real ale.

Peter - Acoustic Guitar, Hammered Dulcimer

There's no style that Peter can't play. His guitar playing drives the rhythm of the band and gives us our unique sound. Peter also plays the hammered dulcimer at dazzling speed. One final thing - he's definitely the joker of the band!

Ex 70's harmony group 'Piggleswick Folk'.

Paul - Electric Bass, Northumbrian Smallpipes

Paul's bass playing gives the band sound it's depth and energy, and provides a solid beat for the dancers. He also plays the Northumbrian Smallpipes, and will happily chat endlessly with Pete about railways.

Also plays soul music with Oxfordshire ten-piece, soul band 'The Soul Traders'.